Stamp-A-Pin with Envirotex Lite and Rubber Stamps

Posted by Christine Angeli on Nov 11th 2020

Stamp-A-Pin with Envirotex Lite and Rubber Stamps

Materials List:

  • Envirotex Lite
  • rubber stamps
  • black ink pad
  • water-based felt markers or pens
  • card stock
  • pin backs
  • jewelry cement (such as E-600 or Arts & Crafts Goop®)
  • craft or foam paint brushes
  • waxed paper (to protect work surface) scissors
  • optional: glitter, cord, ribbon, buttons, charms, etc.

You can create beautiful pins that look like porcelain. They're great to wear, trade with friends, or give as gifts. The thick, clear, glossy finish adds a professional, finished look to the piece. You can also use these same techniques to make refrigerator magnets or earrings. A quick and easy project that's fun for the whole family.

Project Instructions:

  1. Stamp the image on card stock Color the image with markers or pens and let dry.
  2. Cut out the colored image. Lay on waxed paper with the colored side up. Thoroughly mix 2 oz. of Envirotex Lite® and apply with a brush. (Optional: Glitter can be added to the Envirotex Lite® mixture prior to applying if you want to add a little sparkle to your pin.)
  3. Allow to dry thoroughly. Trim off any excess finish with scissors. Touch up the cut edges with markers or pens.
  4. Position the pin backs and glue on. (Optional: Embellish the finished pin with cords, ribbons, buttons or charms.)

A special thank you to the following companies who supplied materials for these pin projects:
Hero Arts® Rubber Stamps for stamps
Personal Stamp Exchange for stamps
PrintWorks for stamps
Rubber Stampede® for stamps
Stampa Barbara for stamps
Stampendous!® for stamps

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