ETI Since 1969

Environmental Technology Inc. was founded in 1969 and located in Fields Landing, CA, ETI formulates innovative coating, casting and molding products for the professional artist, crafter and hobbyist.

Our widely-known products, which are available in major retail outlets throughout the world, include EnviroTex® Epoxy Coating, EasyCast® Clear Casting Epoxy, EasySculpt® Epoxy Modeling Clay, EasyMold® Silicone Rubber, Putty and Paste and FastCast® Casting Urethane.

Based in Galesburg, Michigan we ship our materials worldwide to businesses, hobbyists and large retailers. Our mission is to provide great customer service and best in the industry materials.

Environmental Technology Inc. is a Polytek® Development Corp. Consumer Brand.

Started in 1984, Polytek® Development Corp. is a leading manufacturer of specialty polymers including: polyurethane elastomers and casting resins, silicones, epoxies, and latex. These systems are used primarily in mold making and casting applications in industrial, construction, entertainment, fine arts and technology sectors.

Polytek®'s collective mission is to design and manufacture the highest-performance line of liquid rubbers and related casting products and to provide our customers with unmatched, industry-setting technical support and customer service. In doing so, we are committed to helping our customers realize the greatest value from the use of our products and resources.

In the end, our success is defined by yours.

Our process is simple:

Collaborate with you to find or develop the right product

Deliver quality, speed, cost and service

Respond do whatever it takes to help you be successful


Polytek® Development Corp. is proud to be the parent company of brands that are dedicated to finding the right mold making and casting material solutions for their customers. Many of Polytek's brands have been formulating, manufacturing and delivering leading products for decades. Today, these products can be found in businesses and retail stores throughout the world.

Industrial Brands

Polytek®'s Industrial Brands are dedicated to the formulation of high-performing mold making and casting polymers for industrial, construction, entertainment, fine arts and technology sectors. Product lines include: polyurethane elastomers and casting resins, silicones, epoxies, latex, plastisol, and thermoplastic elastomers, and complementary ancillary products. Polytek brands offer a variety of standard product options and custom solutions. Learn more about each brand below:

Polytek® Development Corp.

BCC Products, Inc.

Raw Material Suppliers

Other Consumer Brands

Polytek®’s Consumer Brands house a family of brands that offer high-quality mold making and casting products that are easily accessible via your favorite retail store or website. Available in consumer-friendly packaging and sizes, these products are great for beginners, experienced DIYers and small businesses. Looking for project inspiration? Follow these brands on your preferred social media channel. Learn more about each brand below:

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Pro Marine Supplies

Stone Coat Countertops

Incredible Solutions

Incredible Solutions