Seashell or Pebble Table Top

Nov 11th 2020

Seashell or Pebble Table Top

A multi‐layer project using Envirotex Lite Pour On Coating.

Project Instructions:
  • If project base is made of wood, seal wood with a thin layer of white glue or paint the surface and let dry. The thin layer will seal the air pockets of the wood and prevent air from releasing bubbles in the thick layers of Envirotex Lite. If you choose to use Envirotex Lite as the thin sealing layer, apply with a sponge brush. Don't use the propane torch on this thin layer of Envirotex Lite. DO use the propane torch on subsequent layers to remove bubbles.
  • If a sand layer is desired, either brush with white glue and sprinkle sand onto table or if thick sand layer is desired, mix one layer of epoxy and add sand directly to bucket at time of mixing. Scrape mixture onto table and spread with clean paint stick. Allow for 12‐15 hours to dry if mixing coating with sand.
  • Glue seashells in place with white glue that dries clear; fill any ruffled area of seashell with glue to prevent air from escaping from underneath. Allow glue to dry overnight. Remember to seal surface of porous shells and starfish so air doesn’t form bubbles in the Envirotex Lite.
  • Apply first of several layers of Envirotex Lite; do not use more coating than recommended on coverage amounts found on instruction page. For instance, one half gallon will cover 16 sq. feet 1/16th to 1/8th inch thick. Most seashell projects will require several layers; allow 8 hours between layers. Coating may be sanded between layers but it's not necessary. If surface is sanded, wipe with alcohol or acetone and a clean rag to remove dust particles. If surface is sanded it must be re‐coated.
  • If you wish the total depth of the epoxy coating to exceed 1/2 inch, please consider special ordering our EX‐74 coating. It is more UV stable and recommended when wishing to maintain clarity on a deep project. Special order the EX‐74 coating from the following distributors:

TIPS on BLENDING COATING: always measure equal parts of resin and hardener. Blend in bucket with (only) a wood paint stick for two minutes, mixing vigorously while scraping sides and bottom of bucket. Then pour coating into a new, clean bucket and blend for another minute. Thorough blending is achieved by the above mixing method only! Discard mixing stick. Pour coating onto project immediately. Use propane torch to remove bubbles from coating. You may need to use propane torch several items during a forty-five minute period following application. Important: read all instructions included in kit.