Resin Cell Painting

Posted by Myléne Hillam on Nov 10th 2020

Resin Cell Painting

Materials List:

  • EnviroTex Lite
  • Castin’Craft Pigments: Black & White
  • Metallic Powders: Gold & Silver
  • 18”x18” Primed canvas art panel
  • Painter’s masking tape
  • Six 8oz measuring cups
  • Six 1oz disposable cups
  • Wooden stir sticks
  • Heatgun
  • Butane torch or Propane torch
  • Gloves

Project Instructions:

Step 1: Protect work surface with wax paper or plastic drop sheet. Apply masking tape the back of the artboard along the outer edges. Elevate the board above work surface with empty plastic cups. Also, place one cup under the center of the board to support the weight of the resin.

Step 2: Calculate the amount of resin needed to cover the artboard using the coverage chart provided in the product instructions.

Step 3: Measure equal parts of EnviroTex Lite Resin and Hardener. Mix resin thoroughly using the double cup mixing method (refer to product instructions for detailed info).

Step 4: Divide the mixed resin equally between two cups. Then pour a small amount from each cup into two additional cups. You should now have 4 cups of uncolored mixed resin. Add Gold Metallic Powder to one of the small cups and Silver Metallic Powder to the other, blend each thoroughly. Add Black Pigment to one of the larger cups and White Pigment to the other, blend each thoroughly. Add 5 drops of silicone oil to the cup of White colored resin.

Step 5: Pour black resin across the artboard randomly in bold stripes.

Step 6: Pour white resin along the edges of the black resin and randomly through the middle.

Step 7: Drizzle silver resin along the edges of the white resin to add highlights. Mix additional batches of resin as needed.

Step 8: With gloved hands, tilt the board to allow resin to flow to uncovered areas. This also develops the flowing design and helps open up the cells.

Step 9: Continue adding resin as needed to fill in gaps.

Step 10: Using a heat gun, push the resin so that the colors blend in interesting ways. Be careful not to overwork the resin and keep the heat gun moving at all times to prevent overheating and scorching.

Step 11: Fill in any additional gaps created with the heat gun until board is completely covered.

Step 12: Drizzle thin highlights of gold resin across the board to create veins. Lightly disperse these with the heatgun.

Step 13: Remove air bubbles with a propane or butane torch according to the product instructions if needed.

Step 14: Allow artboard to cure overnight in a dust free area.

Step 15: Wipe entire artboard thoroughly with denatured alcohol (any silicone oil residue leftover may repel the next layer of resin).

Step 16: Measure and mix enough EnviroTex Lite according to product instructions to flood coat the board. Pour blended resin evenly across the artboard and spread to the edges if necessary. Remove air bubbles with propane or butane torch per product instructions. Allow board to cure overnight.

Step 17: Remove the tape from the bottom of the canvas. A utility knife can be helpful with this.