Faux Marble Table Top (Marbleizing with Envirotex Lite and Acrylic Paints)

Nov 11th 2020

Faux Marble Table Top (Marbleizing with Envirotex Lite and Acrylic Paints)

Project Instructions:

  1. Protect work area with a plastic drop sheet or newspaper. Elevate project surface from work area.

  1. Paint project surface with a dark color such as black or brown, allow paint to dry.
  2. Important, mix double the amount of EnviroTex Lite product required to flood coat your project. Refer to Envirotex Lite product coverage chart.
  1. Divide mixture equally into four containers. Add one color of paint to each of the containers. Add just enough paint to color and no more, blend well!

  1. Pour each color in random patterns across project surface.

  1. Use a disposable bristle brush to lightly blend colors (do not use a foam brush).
  2. Raise project piece and tip to allow colors to run and blend. Hold for one to two minutes, then rotate piece in another direction. Repeat this process until the colors begin spread open.

  1. Continue to rotate and tip your project, this is necessary to allow the colors to open and spread.

  1. Once you’ve achieved a marbled like pattern, place your project back on your work surface. If at first your not satisfied with your result, you can repeat this process while the coating is still liquid.

  1. Remove bubbles as per the EnviroTex Lite Instructions. Allow coating to cure for 12 hours, then flood coat with a clear coat of EnviroTex Lite for added hardness and durability.