Birds Collage Pendants

Nov 11th 2020

Birds Collage Pendants

Materials List:

For All Pieces

  • EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy
  • Plastic mixing cups and mixing stick
  • Ultra Seal or Thin-bodied white glue
  • Pendants & Charms
  • Nunn Design Birds Collage sheet or decorative paper
  • Jewelry findings as listed below

Birds Collage Jewelry Soar Necklace

  • Nunn Design, raised pendant, small square single loop, antique copper
  • Nunn Design Birds Collage sheet
  • Paper word cut-out from word collage sheet
  • Jump ring, Copper

Tweet! Hear Pendant

  • Nunn Design, Grande Pendant Heart, antique copper
  • Nunn Design Birds Collage sheet
  • Paper word cut-out from word collage sheet
  • Jump ring, copper

Home Key Ring

  • Nunn Design, Large Pendant Square, antique gold
  • Nunn Design Birds Collage sheet
  • Paper word cut-out from word collage sheet
  • Key ring, silver

All images used in the following pendants were cut from Collage sheets printed by Alpha Stamps, which fit perfectly into Nunn Design pendants. Look for craft punches that also fit the pendants exactly to make these projects super simple and foolproof. You can generate your own wording on your computer or use words from the word collage sheet. Birds Collage sheets are available where Nunn Design Pendants are sold. Doming pendants with EasyCast epoxy magnifies the image, brightens colors and ads depth that only a two-component epoxy can do. Preferred by professionals for its easy of use, fast & easy bubble release, water-clear clarity and high doming capabilities. EasyCast is a low odor, solvent free, non-shrinking formula available at leading craft and art stores!

Project Instructions:
  1. Cut and fit paper pieces into pendant cavities.
  2. Apply white glue to back of paper pieces, then place into pendant’s. Allow glue to dry.
  3. Seal paper pieces with two coats of white glue. Allow glue to dry clear between coats.
  4. Mix two ounces of EasyCast epoxy according to manufacture’s instructions. Fill pendant cavity full to form a slight dome. Avoid overfilling. Let cure per EasyCast instructions.
  5. Attach to your chosen chain or cord.

Marie Browning Professional Tips:

  1. You will experience the best results when working in a dust-free room with a temperature of 75º to 80º F (24º to 27º C). Your work surface should be clean, level and protected with wax paper.
  2. Use a stir stick to control the flow of EasyCast into your pendants. You can also use a plastic disposable pipette (used by soap and candle makers) or small squeeze bottles with a funnel shaped “Yorker” cap for easy filling. Over fill your pieces ever so slightly, so your pieces will cure with a nice domed top. If you overflow the pendant too much, simply let the epoxy cure, then cut or sand the excess from pendant.
  3. Furniture or automotive polish prolongs the life of cured epoxy surfaces and helps to decrease smudges, fingerprints and scratches. Apply a thin coat with a cloth and buff as required.-